Tuesday 19th October 2021

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Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers.




Handy information for your development in HTML5 and CSS3. Follow this link >> Can I Use?








2012 the year of changings

Welcome to 2012!

Sorry for the absents in last few months. Updates to the sites is expected to back to schedule of at least once a week. Thanks again for bearing with my hectic schedules.

Axsotic 3D mouse

This is not Flash or ActionScript related.  But it is noteworthy to take a glance of the fast pace of technology innovations.

Click here to view Axsotic 3D mouse takes a spherical stab at an age-old problem

Tip to resolve IE8 Back button malfunction in Windows 7

IE8 back button stop working after a while.   This is a problem caused by different factors, but one major cause is the individual add-on to the browser.

To quicky resolve this, you would go to Task Manager and select “Processes” tab, look through the list and you will notice multiple instance of  iexplore32.exe are running.  Simply select each iexplore32.exe, and then “End Process”.

Re-launch your IE, the problem should be fixed.

Does Rapid eLearning Really Save Money? by Heather Tafel

Follow the link below for an article on comparing Rapid eLearning and Custom eLearning, written by my colleague at Centrax, Heather Tafel. Enjoy.

Does Rapid eLearning Really Save Money?