One of the challenge few years back, I was assigned to program the front end user interface for the DietDay site using Flash.  The challenge comes at the integration of the front end Flash program with the server side communication.  With some testing and experiments, we came to the solution by using asp and SQL database on the backend.   And here is the result.

Click on image to launch the site.

The following demonstrates some of my works through the year:

Adobe Flash:

hitTest function  

This demo is taken from one of  the e-Learning course developed by Centrax Coporation.  The challenge of developing of this screen came as where the shaped of each triangles forming inside the circle caused the normal drag and drop coding to not working properly.  Therefore, I used the hitTest function to detect the collision between the circle and each triangle shape.   And used color transform to show the hit area.   Click here to view this demo.