Tuesday 19th October 2021

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Flash Apps Screen Specs for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab

When you heard the announcements from companies releasing their tablet devices, you know tablet devices are here to stay. With reporting of increasing sales and usages of mobile devices, the demand for applications on these devices are raising as well. Besides deciding the development language, screen specs is the first thing to determine before designing your apps on particular devices.  There are other considerations like size of the images/graphics, type of media files, size of buttons/touchable objects, media assets optimization… that needed to settle down before the actual development.  We can look into those topics later on.

For now, I would put into the chart of the screen specs for the three most popular devices that I have encountered during my apps development.

Screen Size
Flash Package
640 x 960
1024 x 768
Samsung Galaxy Tab
1024 x 600
Air Android

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Preview Adobe Flash Builder “Burrito”

Key themes for Flash Builder “Burrito” include:

Proceed here for details.

Going Live — Flash Player 10.2

Hot news.  Flash Player 10.2 is now going live and available for downloaded.

Two major new features you are asking for are ready in Flash Player 10.2:

- Stage Video, which delivers high performance video playback.

- Dual-monitoring support for video playback.

For more detail on Flash Player 10.2, visit Adobe.com.

Axsotic 3D mouse

This is not Flash or ActionScript related.  But it is noteworthy to take a glance of the fast pace of technology innovations.

Click here to view Axsotic 3D mouse takes a spherical stab at an age-old problem

Tip to resolve IE8 Back button malfunction in Windows 7

IE8 back button stop working after a while.   This is a problem caused by different factors, but one major cause is the individual add-on to the browser.

To quicky resolve this, you would go to Task Manager and select “Processes” tab, look through the list and you will notice multiple instance of  iexplore32.exe are running.  Simply select each iexplore32.exe, and then “End Process”.

Re-launch your IE, the problem should be fixed.